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Wildland Trekking presents Wildland Women's Trips, our exclusive women-only excursions into the wild!

Female hikers, female guides… our nod to Mother Nature and the universal spirit of adventure! We offer a variety of trip styles for our women’s specific departures. Join a rewarding women’s backpacking journey deep into stunning wild areas like Yosemite National Park, Death Valley, Yellowstone and the Smoky Mountains. Enjoy fulfilling days of hiking while living it up in lodges at night and eating at local eateries on an inn-based women’s trip in a variety of destinations. Sleep under the stars while hiking with a lighter day pack and eating crafted meals by your guide on a Women’s Basecamp Hiking Tour. Or take advantage of the wild backcountry on a backpacking trip, portered trek or llama trek.

See directly below this paragraph for an expandable calendar that shows all 2019 offerings, or peruse the selection of trips and dates below. To request a reservation, just click on the purple shopping cart button and complete the form – one of our Adventure Consultants will get back to you with availability asap. And as always, feel free to call us at 800-715-HIKE (4453) to learn more!

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Our Women’s hiking trips are opportunities for female guests to join adventures with other women that are led by female guides. These trips are for female guests looking to have a grand adventure in the company of other women. They are unchanged from our standard award-winning trips other than the fact they are only open to female guests.


It’s no secret that many companies are offering women’s exclusive trips these days. So what makes Wildland’s trips unique? Read on to find out!

  • Our women’s trips capitalize on Wildland Trekking’s award-winning itineraries, guides, logistical expertise, and support staff.
  • Our women’s trip guides are attuned to every participant and what she is wanting and/or needing in the moment. They are there to make sure you get what you need to have an unforgettable trip.
  • We build lots of of flexibility into our itineraries, particularly in terms of pace and difficulty. On backpacking trips we often have to hike to a new camp, but we still maintain flexibility with pace.
  • Our guides are all about wilderness AND people. We have a saying at Wildland that a great guide doesn’t just love wilderness – they love sharing their love for wilderness with others.
  • Our Women’s Trips cover a wide range of trip styles and difficulties from hard core backpacking trips to moderate inn-based and basecamp tours.
  • We can accommodate all dietary preferences and restrictions.


The first question to ask is which season you’d like to hike? Late fall, winter and spring are best in desert areas like Death Valley, Joshua Tree, Capitol Reef, Grand Canyon, Sedona…etc. Late spring, summer and early fall are best in mountain areas like Yellowstone, Rocky Mountain National Park…etc. Once you’ve picked a couple destinations you might be interested in, then it’s time to pick trip style. Backpacking trips are deep wilderness journeys that require hiking with 25-40 pound backpacks. Porter/horse/llama supported trips allow guests to get deep into the backcountry but with lighter backpacks. Inn-based and basecamp tours are diverse experiences of an area that feature a series of day hikes and either lodging or camping accommodations. Of course, give us a call at 800-715-HIKE (4453) with any questions!